HFDC is an advocate for better healthcare buildings. 




HFDC is an advocate for better healthcare buildings. 

Our mission is to transform healthcare environments for a healthier, safer world through design research, education and advocacy and to satisfy client and end user needs and expectations for the finished project, once it is delivered and completing a project on time, on budget and to a level of quality that meets those determined needs. Also, to make sparing use of resources while maintaining a high level of design quality and environmental compatibility. 

For us, health care architecture means a health and infrastructure teamwork, discussion, and service based on an exceptional level of mutual trust. Continuous dialogue and close co-operation with individual users and others involved in planning enable us to find rapid, rational solutions to even the most complex problems. 

Our team is composed of creative, innovative and communicative individuals with an international experience in the fields of health care architecture, engineering, planning, and facility management, among others. So you can be assured that the information up to date . The strengths of all our team members are creativity, expertise, individual initiative and responsibility, enabling us to achieve the optimal outcome together. 

Successful project management requires leadership and coordination, diligent project planning, and effective oversight of the delivery process. The Project Manager offers guidance for the entire team to successfully and effectively carry out a high performance building project.